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Some expert in my friend Ivan need remove from Android 11, this shit Facebook. He didn't install it. And it is read only

It is time humankind know the coronavirus is political lie. Medical people's and lawyers

never buy games. Yesterday I buy osorin the new dawn. And very shit game. Like Conan exiles.

never use Google. share how google try force humankind put they phone number. they google are under European union complaint. I just fill complaint. STOP u.s.a terrorists

don't install Ubuntu 22.04 is full with shit. on latest Nvidia it don't work

today my friend test galactic civilization 4

and for the price 30 euros. SHAME hitman 3 was much better

testing new fedi Ukraine person kick Bulgarians person front bulgrian police.

PROPAGANDA BULLSHITS. @Gargron you son of bitch block her domain. Now who seinfonation site.

after some minutes. newfedilab start feel bad. it memory heavy. message are push and on e ery message it display message sent. if person send 30 messages it will flood his display. I will wait for stable release

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