32 issues fixed on the 42 that were opened.

And 18 fixed out of 26 coming from fediverse (#fedilaBug)

Thank you for your help! 👍 #Fedilab #NewFedilab

very bad I prefer old fedilab. something happened in latest beta version.

1. people's share this:


we want freedom

2. in latest beta, when press favourite some time it don't show, include I press multiply times and yellow don't appear. so when refresh yellow appear. in old fedilab It dont happend

3. in newfedilb it is something strange, like very slow and my smartphone is more than 8 gb. free ram.

4. peertube, when I post from peertube.bgzashtita.es they don't appear in small windows preview on new fedila maybe I have to enable



it in settings. but this has to come by default enabled or much better, for this people's who don't want to have peertube preview in comments to have direct options I'f video has to be preview or not. because it is slow seek in settings and enable preview.

as side note. GUYS you are great. fedilab is much better than official mastodon app. but something happens with newfedilab and I use old fedilb on more 8 gb. free ram it run instantaneous. kisses

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